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Support the aviation sports of hang gliding & paragliding. Learn to fly, be eligible for a rating, donate to our cause, fly with a tandem pilot, or teach others about your passion for personal flight by instructing. Through certification, information resources, specially negotiated insurance, competition sanctioning, partnerships with the FAA, FAI, and NAA, and more - USHPA remains America's only nationally recognized free-flight governing body of these sports.

For new membership, see MEMBERSHIP LEVELS, PRICING & BENEFITS below. Learn more about our Partner Benefits or jump to MEMBERSHIP FAQs

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NOTE: Dues Increased December 2015

Subscription - $30/yr - USA | $65/yr - Non-USA (2nd Class Mail)

Order Online | Paper

Toying with the idea?

(No Waiver Needed)

Contributing Member - $82/yr USA | $117/yr Non-USA

Online | Paper

Not flying but want to stay connected and involved?

Same as above plus:

  • Voting Rights for Regional Directors & All-Member Votes - Representation with National Aeronautic Association (NAA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), Commission Internationale de vol Libre (CIVL), & Public Lands through the US Department of the Interior)
  • "Landing Zone" quarterly e-Newsletter subscription (may Opt-Out)
  • Access to the Members Only section of the website (renewal, resources, updates, etc)
  • Available to unrated members only (ratings go inactive if this level is selected)
  • No Flying or Tandem Flying Privileges: May not fly as a tandem passenger without a 30-day temporary student rating.

(Must sign Waiver Annually. No flying privileges or passenger flying privileges.)

Pilot Member (Full) - $150/yr USA | $185/yr Non-USA

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Ready to Connect and to Fly? Get over 15 great incentives!

Same as Subscription and Contributing (minus rating restrictions) plus:

(Must sign Waiver Annually. Not necessary to have pilot ratings to be a Pilot Member, but must be a Pilot Member, Family Member, or Rogallo Member to have ratings.)*

Rogallo Member (Full Instructor) - $294/yr USA | $329/yr Non-USA

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Want to be the ultimate Pilot and Connector? Get over 20 great incentives!

Same as all of the above plus:

  • Access to Instructor Training Appointments (in the spirit of the late Francis Rogallo, modern-day inventor of the hang glider) - Basic, Advanced, Tandem (T-3), Mini Wing, Instructor and Tandem Administrators)
  • Appointed Instructors may accept payment and must issue Temporary 30-Day Memberships if students are not Full USHPA members
  • All USHPA Instructors are eligible for ProMotive discounts Instructors may click here
  • Use the USHPA logo and professional development resources and tools to enrich your business or programs. 5-item publication quantity discounts available from the USHPA Store.
  • To upgrade from a Pilot Member to a Rogallo Member - do the math on this form: http://www.ushpa.aero/forms/Form_Upgrade_Membership.pdf
  • Learn more about Instructors and Administrators: SOP 12-05

(Must sign Waiver Annually. Not necessary to be an Instructor to be a Rogallo (but it is advised), but must be Rogallo to be an instructor.)*

Family Discount - $18 discount

Pricing Contributor: $64/yr USA | $99/yr Non-USA

Pricing Pilot: $132/yr USA | $167/yr Non-USA

Pricing Rogallo: $276/yr USA | $311/yr Non-USA | Online | Paper

Birds of a feather fly and save together!

Same as the corresponding Full membership (Contributor, Pilot, or Rogallo), minus the magazine:

  • Peace of mind in being "green" and accepting one magazine per residence
  • Read the magazine as it's published online

(Must be living in the same household with another Full member to be eligible for the discount. Must sign Waiver separately from Full member. Multiple Family Discounts may be assigned to one Full Member.)*

Want to do more? Donate today!

USHPA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) exempt organization. In many cases, depending on the state you reside, your donation from 50 to 100% can be deducted from your taxes in a fiscal year. Donations to our General Fund support the production of the Magazine, Safety Awareness Campaign, Public Relations and Marketing to support promotion of our sports, Awards Production, Operating Expenses, Instructor and Chapter Program Support, and other very important processes of the USHPA business and operations. Also, we're accepting volunteers for technology projects and interns in Colorado Springs for marketing & program support.Call (800-616-6888) or email us (communications[at]ushpa.aero) to give today!

USHPA matches up to $500 of renewal donations to the Foundation For Free Flight (FFF), a partner non-profit organization promoting and preserving free flight. Once a fundraising arm of the US Hang Gliding Association, now to include Paragliding, the Foundation For Free Flight continues to fund projects that align with a similar mission as USHPA, to preserve hang gliding and paragliding in the United States. Through funding of programs and projects like General Fund, Site Preservation Fund, Safety and Education Fund, Competition Funds, Targeted Funds, and other preservation and granting efforts, the FFF creates a culture of support through its all-volunteer staff and board. The USHPA matches dollar-for-dollar up to $500 per member during the USHPA renewal donations appropriated to the FFF. An investment in the FFF is an investment in the future of our aviation sports, and we are a proud partner with them. Online at: www.foundationforfreeflight.org

USHPA supports The Cloudbase Foundation by donation support via the renewal process (online and paper) for members. Since 2001, The Cloudbase Foundation and the pilots that make up the outreach arm have been working diligently to provide support to impoverished communities and specifically children that are in need. The goal is that when those jet-setting paraglider or hang glider pilots go to a location, they can support the communities they travel (food banks, clean drinking water, medical supplies, clothing, construction and building support) and create a better place once they've left it. If you are interested in learning more about the Cloudbase Foundation, go to their website at www.thecloudbasefoundation.org and we encourage you to look for it when you renew and consider supporting their efforts.


STUDENTS OR VISITING PILOTS WITH TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIPS (30-Days): Available from USHPA certified Instructors for 30 days of insurance coverage for lessons, passengers of Tandem Instructor flights (includes a Student rating), and Third Party Liability Insurance for International Visiting Pilots along with their IPPI Cards (issued by a foreign hang gliding and paragliding organization).

NEW MEMBERS: All new memberships must be sent by US Mail with original signatures - Paper. There are no group memberships at this time.

ALL MEMBERS: Members that have not yet allowed their membership to expire (start renewing 90 days before your membership expires) or are within 36 months of expiration may renew online.

EXPIRED MEMBERS: Memberships that have been lapsed for over 3 years (for your safety and the greater community) will require re-evaluation of ratings and special skills in order to retain those formerly awarded. We will be happy to send you a list of former ratings for your records. Members whose paperwork, including a signed waiver, is not in the USHPA HQ office are required to send paper documents as opposed to faxed, emailed or online methods of renewals. Online renewals are now extended to members whose memberships have been expired no longer than 36 months: renew online.

Download the Membership Application and Waiver and return via fax, email, or mail: Form Membership Application with Waiver

Mail: USHPA, PO Box 1330, Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Express/UPS: USHPA, 1685 W Uintah Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Email: info@ushpa.aero

Fax: (719) 632-6417

USHPA offices are open M-F (8am-5pm MT) | Phone: (800) 616-6888 | Email: info@ushpa.aero

*Dues Increase Dec 1, 2015:

The Board approved a membership dues increase on Monday, November 16th, 2015.

Effective December 1st, 2015:
- Dues for Pilot membership will increase to $150.
- Dues for Affiliate (30-day) membership will increase to $8.
- Magazine subscriptions will change to bi-monthly (6 issues).

Factors driving the increase

Insurance is a critical element in support of free flight in North America, and a significant benefit that members expect from USHPA. To support our mission of ensuring the future of free flight, insurance is a top priority. Without it, site landowners would no longer be protected, members would no longer have protection from third party claims and therefore would face increased financial burden in the event of an accident, and all pilots would lose access to a significant number of our flying sites, including hallmark sites like Fort Funston, Yosemite and the Point of the Mountain.

USHPA has experienced increased insurance premiums in recent years (the 2015 premium was more than double that of 2010). Even more disturbing, in the last few months hang gliding and paragliding schools have been notified by the underwriters that they will not be able to renew their individual school policies, and that USHPA will not be able to renew its Professional Liability policy for instructors. Therefore, USHPA will be forming a self-insurance entity called a Risk Retention Group (RRG).

Creating the RRG will result in increased expenses for USHPA, and will force us to increase dues in order to continue obtaining the insurance that members and free flight rely on.

For more information, review the Free Flight Forever page.

Mark G. Forbes
USHPA Finance/Insurance/Risk Management Committee Chairman and Treasurer
November 2015
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